Job Seeking 101

Prior to the fall of 2010, I was under the impression that jobs were pretty easy to come by.  Yes, I’d heard the unemployment numbers, but I’m an engineer…obviously we’re comparing apples to oranges here.  As it turns out, employers are not waiting on the other side of that commencement stage with contracts in hand.  That being said, the last three months have been largely enjoyable, sometimes frustrating, and always character-building.  Here’s a few things I’ve picked up.

  1. Perseverance is key.  It took 65 applications to 27 different companies, 5 interviews, and about 3 months time before 1 offer.  Those numbers probably aren’t that bad when compared to others, but not something I would’ve expected a year ago.  (These numbers don’t count all the applications and interviews during the final semester of school…which would probably bring the total to 100ish)
  2. Have a lot of experiences in mind to draw from for those tricky behavior-based questions.
  3. Only apply for jobs you would actually consider taking…unless you really need the interview practice (not sure it’s worth the extra applications).  Then you don’t have to explain to those disappointed family members why you turned down a perfectly good job.
  4. Why are man-hole covers round?  Why because of its round shape, the cover is unable to fit through the hole to drop on an unassuming worker.  (At least that’s what they told me after I took a couple whiffs at the question)
  5. If you throw in an old textbook to brush up on programming on the way, don’t grab the thermodynamic properties tables.
  6. Always get on the receptionist(s) good side(s).  I’m not sure if this actually matters, but I’m convinced one of these times it’s going to be the CEO or something.
  7. Don’t forget the suit pants for the interview…they are important.  I never actually forgot them, but I do think they are important.  (And a 7 item list seems so much better than a 6 item list)

That’s all I learned.  At least the most interesting things that I can think of.  Oh, and over thinking the whole thing and worrying excessively is a poor choice.  God provides.  It’s pretty great.

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