An Intro to Something Else

It’s been a month since my last post. Maybe slightly more (I tend to round in whatever direction paints me in the most favorable light…). To catch you up, here’s the abridged account of recent events, with more to follow. Soon. ish.

  • Finding a place to live.
  • Finding a place to park. (Doesn’t always come with the place to live. My small-town naivety betrays me again!)
  • Finding a church. (Always a favorite activity of relocating.)
  • Learning to navigate the world of benefits.
  • Fixing my car. And fixing something else. Only to find a few weeks later that more repairs are needed, at 3/4 of the car’s value. (This of course happened the day after I told a friend my car would last forever…why do I make these claims?) On the other hand, it’s pretty interesting that the timing of said mechanical/electrical failure coincides quite closely to receiving my first bit of real income and not in the preceding months of employment uncertainty. Coincidence?
  • Reading. Books. With words.
  • Learning how to do my job.
  • Exploring what Madison has to offer.
I should stop there. I think I’ve pushed the limit of my “full stop” usage, although that seems to be the way my mind is functioning in the whirlwind that is job training: very small, barely coherent thoughts.  Stay tuned, something more coherent to follow!
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1 Response to An Intro to Something Else

  1. Matt says:

    How is Epic going for you?

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