My degree says I’m a mechanical engineer.  Energy and sustainability are two related issues I find fascinating, the technology and politics behind both are entertaining to say the least.  They are also international issues which makes it even better.  Let me know if you find a cool new technology, and I’ll do the same.

I also seem to have developed what we Christian folk would call a “heart” for people in poverty in developing contexts.  In college (that makes me sound old…) I took several classes in appropriate technology design and did projects with efficient cooking stoves, water purification, and clothes washing.  I think engineers can bring a lot to the table in the discussion of international development, providing expertise that can improve the quality of life, the local economy, and bring social change.  I love hearing about what engineers are doing and what they hope to do (so tell me.  please!).  And one day (Lord willing) I’ll be fully engaged (whatever that means) in this sort of thing.


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